Tuesday, May 15, 2012


I have a fantasy of running away from city life, buying some acreage and starting a farm.  Chicken coops and an orchard and vegetable gardens.  Maybe a wedding venue for a couple months during the summer?

I've never had much of a green thumb.  In fact if the plants in our living room could talk at this very moment they would barely be able to rasp out a parched plea for water*.   Which is kind of why the idea of living on a farm is way out of the realm of intelligent ideas.  Still, it is a fantasy I carry right around in my heart next to the one I have about suddenly inheriting a large sum of money after the death of a distant, elderly and unknown relative.  And the one about being invited on stage during a rock concert to sing the chorus of a song and being so good that I get asked to be part of said band.

But since we are moving to Oregon in just a couple of months, where land is still relatively cheap, the farm has been a fantasy that I've been indulging in more of as of late.  My unrealistic aspirations aren't deterred any when people feed into them, which is just what Josh did when he sent me and Leif a link to a property thirty minutes outside of Portland that is for sale.

15 acres of farmland.    

1600sqft, four bedroom house.

Rolling green hills.

And are those lilacs fields I see? 
I'm getting light-headed.

For 299,900 dollars.  I'm not even joking a little.
Want to see what that gets you in my neighborhood in Los Angeles?
Nothing.  Not a single piece of property.  You would have to spend 350,000 to get a 2 bedroom, 1000sqft house on a lot that is 4000sqft.

I'm not crazy.  I know that realistically speaking 15 acres of farmland is not possible to work and maintain by two city mice with full-time jobs and no experience in growing anything but weeds.   But it does make me wonder about what is possible for us.  I feel like there are more opportunities to be had than just an 8-5 job and a house in the suburbs.

For now though, until I figure out just what is possible, I'll just keep daydreaming.

I'm curious, what are your daydreams?  Realistic or not when it comes to your ideal living situation?

* My guilty conscience got the best of me and during the writing of this post they actually got watered.


  1. Oooooooh, salivating right now. I have the same types of fantasies (but not about the rock band, because not only is there no way in hell I'd get in front of large audience like that, but I don't have the pipes and I know that I'd get boo'd off stage.)

    I don't have much of a green thumb, either, though I'm trying to turn our tiny back courtyard into a semblance of a garden space, one that isn't full of weeds and slugs. We'll see. Wish I could have chickens back there, too, but the iron-fisted neighborhood association would kick us out for that.

    I'm pretty sure the purple flowers are lupins, but I could be wrong. No expert here on identifying flowers; in fact, whenever I take photos of flowers, they usually get names like "blue flower," "star flower," and "spiky flower."

    As far as real estate daydreams, since I live in southern California, I don't often indulge. Too frustrating.

    1. If those are lupins, than even better.
      I don't have the pipes either, but if we are talking about fantasies then in my fantasy I've got'em.

  2. Um, that place is gorgeous. Now I want to move to Oregon, too.

    I love that you are seeing so many possibilities in your daydreams. Does it make you feel like you're in such a different place than you were a year (or even several months) ago? I know a blog is limited, edited information, but it sure sounds like you are, and I'm so glad for you.

  3. Oooooooo!!!!!!!!!! OREGON!

    Cupcake Fariy Princess!~ that is a scene-o-bliss. I can totally see you there. I hope - while we're dreaming (?) - that you end up somewhere just about like that.

    My husband keeps chickens (or did, until the possum swallowed them all..even Miss Speckles...in one hairy carnage-fest), bees (two Italian hives, one Russian), bunnies (wild), and growing things everywhere. I read, think, clean [obsessively], and type while he lives out Little House.

    I wander Eden in the evening, while he shows off the new axe target and the tidy red house soon-to-be-re-chickened. The possum is no more. Hope springs eternal.

    You can do it, too. Easily. I want to see pictures when you do.

    Excited for dirt between your toes and Clio's,

    Cathy in Missouri

    1. Possum's are no good with their ropey tails and bitey sharp teeth. They freak me out. I really didn't even think they could kill and eat chickens (I don't know why the thought never occurred to me). Now I dislike them more.

      And bees? Bees are cool although they intimidate me a little. Friends of ours had a hive in Portland and then the hive split up and they had to go and track it down and bring it back. At least, that is how I remember it (Nat if you are reading this is that how it happened?). But, if we do end up having a little farm of any sort I think we will need to keep some bees. Seems like a good farming practice. Of course, I don't really know that and am just making an assumption I have sound like fact. Heh.

      I like the image of you wandering in Eden with your husband. Makes me smile.

  4. You know that I share the same fantasy of moving to the country and starting a farm. And I even thought of renting out my dreamed up land and farmhouse for weddings too. We would tie it into our little wedding photography business.

    This place is gorgeous. That land. Those rolling hills. And lilac (?). So gorgeous.

    This is inspring for sure Bree. And doable. I really hope that you make your fantasy come true. Maybe there's some farming/gardening/self sufficient living courses you can take in Oregon?

    My country living dream is on hold until we make another dream come true. Hopefully we can bring a living baby into this world. Then i'll gladly give up the city life and move to the country.