Monday, May 21, 2012

father's office

It is kind of unfair that Leif's office has cool toys and swingsets.  Mine only has germs and the smell of disinfectant. 

I think it is obvious who the loser is in this competition.


  1. cute outfit, little c! (could not be ignored.)

  2. Clio is just cute as a button, and that's so cool that she got to visit her daddy at work. With her hand on the mouse in the top pic, she looks like she's ready to navigate around the computer!

    I prefer toy and swings to the smell of disinfectant, too. Don't blame her there.

  3. GI Joe Guy makes me laugh!

    And who is that little sprout?

    CLIO, you better not be toddling around the next time I snap my head - you better not!

    But you will.

    (Cool Daddy. And Mommy. You can't help your smell. :)


  4. Man, Daddy is apple-pie orderly, too ~

    or did he "freshen up" his desk/office for these shots?

    Come clean the heartland,