Sunday, May 13, 2012


This lady here is my mom, Beth.  Age indeterminate in this photo.  20something?

Look at all that dark hair.  Nice eyebrows Mom!  They are the same type of eyebrows I spend too much money on maintaining on myself each month.

Beth is one smart lady.  Super smart, actually.  She will kick your ass at any word game in existence, which is why I don't often play against her [read: I am a poor loser].
Beth bakes a mean apple pie.  Your apple pie is not as good as my mom's.  Sorry. Sometimes the truth hurts.
Beth is a master crafter.  She knitted the coolest hot air balloons for Clio's room. I'll have to share them here sometime.  She also makes jewelry that is pretty cool.
Beth is a great mom.  Love you mom.

This is my sister, Lisa.  She's a mom too.

She's probably the most patient person I've ever known.  She is a Special Ed teacher of 5-6 year olds.
Crazy patient and kind, people.
She loves her girls so much and is such a wonderful mom to them.  And her girls are the happiest, most well-behaved children I've ever met.

This Ginger Lady is my mom-in-law, Tricia.

She raised Leif.  He. Is. The. Very. Best. Human. On. The. Planet.  That simple fact right there makes her pretty awesome.
She makes gorgeous pottery.
She is super nice and kind.
I really lucked out with her as my mom-in-law.



  1. What a gorgeous woman your mom is.

    This is a lovely post. And I feel the same way about my mother-in-law: she deserves kudos for raising my favorite person in the world. That alone makes her great in my book.

  2. These pics are SO awesome! Lisa looks like your mom. Happy Belated Mother's day.. xo

  3. Brianna- great post! I love all those pictures. I can't wait until clio makes one about you! Happy mother's day!