Sunday, September 29, 2013

a hunting we will go

Oh, hey Blog, what's up?  Long time no see.  Wish I could say that I have a super exciting reason to have been away for the last couple of weeks but I don't.  Not like other bloggers who are gone for a few days and come back to write a post about how the hiatus was because they have some super exciting plans to reveal or they've just been so freaking busy or because they are finishing their novel or some other awesome-for-them news.  Nope, I've just not been feeling very inspired.  Plus we've been focused on finding a house to buy.  A combination, in my case, that leads to radio silence around these parts.

House hunting is a really weird term to describe the process of searching for a house to buy. House-waiting.  House-hoping.  House-stalking, maybe.  Those make more sense, but house hunting?  For me "hunting" conjures up images of a white-haired man in khaki crouched behind tall straw-colored grass, wearing a brimmed safari hat atop his head with eyes obscured by the dark round glass of binoculars.  Or sometimes it is gentlemanly gentlemen sitting on majestic-looking steeds while hounds eagerly sniff the ground for the scent of their quarry.  Clearly folks, I am no hunter.  Or at least not a hunter in this century or on this continent.  I guess the only parallels I can draw between house-hunting and regular ol' run of the mill killin' hunting is that they both require patience of the kind that I normally do not possess.  Or at least, a patience that does not come naturally to me.

We've been aggressively "hunting" for a few weeks now without much luck.  Either the house is great but in a crappy location (the sound of hundreds of cars speeding along a freeway a few blocks away is nothing like white noise) or the location is great but there is something seriously flawed with the house (who needs a reliable foundation anyway).  It isn't a particularly new, unique or interesting story so I won't further bore you with the details.  Suffice it to say as we are entering the holiday season and people are less apt to put their houses on the market, I suspect that our "house hunting"  is going to become really drawn out.


Oh well.  I suppose it's time to get started on all those holiday crafts I'll never finish.

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