Friday, January 11, 2013

snow day

This will be the third weekend in a row that we are going to try to make it to Mt. Hood to spend some time in the snow.  Truth be told, I'm not much of a snowbird (Is that even a term?  I think it is so I'm just gonna go with it).  I don't do snow sports -or any sports really- like skiing or snowboarding mainly because I lack the coordination and fitness required to participate.  One time, back when I was a teenager and in much better condition than I am now, I went snowboarding with a particularly energetic and athletic friend and nearly annihilated myself trying to keep up with her.   By the end of the day I was scooting down the run on my butt and then had to get a ride down the rest of the way on the back of an employee's snowmobile.  It wasn't my finest day, to say the least.  The following two days I had a difficult time even getting out of bed because every single muscle in my body was on fire.  Even the soleus.  Even the lubricus and other obscure and mostly useless muscles hurt.  All muscles hurt.  That single day was the total of my foray into snow sports.  Never again.  Never again.

But we just bought some gear for Clio and I am eager to see her enjoy herself in the snow.  She will have a fabulous time playing in the cold fluff while Leif takes one million photos and I flit  around her, readjusting mittens and retying her hat and generally annoying her to no end.  We will slide down a couple hills on a sled, make a small snowman and then go back to the car where I will insist we crank up the heat until we are all sweating and removing our many layers of clothing.  It will be fun.  Much more my speed.  Which, as if it isn't obvious, is SLOW.

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