Thursday, August 2, 2012

two weeks

We are moving in less than two weeks and the list of things to do has grown exponentially while the time in which to get them done has dramatically decreased.  Right now I am waiting (and hoping and begging and pleading) for Clio to fall asleep in her crib so I can get some packing done.  All of the stuff going on these days, like boxes everywhere and random people coming to do moving estimates, has caused her to rely heavily on me and breastfeeding to give her some comfort.  Of course, I don't mind this most of the time but when I have a list of things to get done and a limited time in which to complete them having her only want to nap attached to my breast is a serious time suck.

So here I am waiting for her to cry herself back to sleep after two failed attempts to transfer her sleeping little body to the crib.  Letting her cry herself to sleep is probably one of the most difficult things to do.  I just want to scoop her up and kiss her until she calms down but I know that doing so is not exactly very productive in the long run.

So last month, over 4th of July weekend, we flew up to Portland so I could interview for a job.  After a couple of weeks going back and forth with the place in contract negotiations we finally settled on something that we were both amenable to.  We honestly did not think that it was going to work out and so we put off doing much in way of preparation for the move so now we are kind of behind the 8 ball.

Let me just confess that I do not do well with uncertainty.  I am a planner to my very core and so all of this last minute preparation has me worked up with nervous energy.  I don't even want to mention what the idea of leaving my sister, nieces and parents is doing to me right now.  It is all too much.

I think Clio may have finally drifted off to sleep (of course, just writing that out probably condemns me to dealing with her waking up in another ten minutes*) so I better go get some stuff done while I have the chance.  But before I do I want to share some photos from our recent trip up to Oregon.

Look at that flannel.  I am already blending in with the locals.

*Yep.  I was right.  She is back breastfeeding again.

Two Weeks, Grizzly Bear


  1. Moving is so stressful. But I hope in your case it's really rewarding, too. Good luck. It will all get done, one way or another.

  2. Gorgeous pictures. Something about Clio reminds me so much of Owen. I think they'd make an adorable little duo.

    Sounds like we're in a similar napping scenario these days. It's dang hard.

    LIke Brooke said, moving is SO stressful. And I wish you the best of luck with it happening easily and fluidly. And you're moving to Portland! One of my favorite cities on the planet. Lucky.

  3. the good news (for both of us, as I type with bleary eyes and a racing heart), is that in just a few weeks we will lay on grass and eat cheese while our children play and laugh- or they will whine and cry- either way, they will be together and it will be amazing!

  4. Love the photos and all that green. Hoping your move goes smoothly. xx