Thursday, July 12, 2012

noms: peach cobbler a la mode

Earlier this week I found myself in an independently owned grocery and deli near my work.  I've been working in the same place for a year and a half and up until this week I had not even known of this grocery store's existence.  I probably never would have except for the kind of ridiculous fact that I really, really wanted a pulled pork sandwich and this was the highest rated place that I could get to on my lunch hour.  As I walked the aisles waiting for my sandwich to be made I was inspired by the mounds of organic peaches on display and grabbed a few of them with the half-formed idea in my head that I was going to turn them into a cobbler at some point this week.*  

I did not realize until after I got home that I did not have enough peaches to actually make a cobbler and so I had Leif stop by the market on his way home and pick up some more.  He came home with a bag of them that he got at a Large Chain Store around these parts but they were less than ideal as they were on the bitter side and had quite a few bruises.  I vacillated back and forth between using only the crappy peaches or using a combination of the two but ended up going with all of the less appealing ones.  My reasoning was that I did not need all of them for the cobbler and I would rather eat a fresh and organic peach in the raw than one of the ones from the Large Chain Store.

All told I made this cobbler in a little over an hour after I got home from work yesterday.  Not bad considering most days when I get home I can barely get our dinner on the table before I am zombified and ready for bed.  It is a side effect of having a baby who still wakes up most nights at least once and then is up for an extended period of time by 6:00am.

So, how did it turn out?  You guys, holy crap, this cobbler recipe is so good.  I wholeheartedly recommend this dish.  With a scoop of vanilla ice cream this is the perfect summer dessert.  I was kind of worried about using the not-so-great peaches but in retrospect I think that they made a better cobbler because their tartness was a good combination with the not-insignificant amount of sugar used.

Make this cobbler.  You will enjoy eating it, I promise.  It is much better than my pictures make it seem to be.

Recipe from here.

*You may be wondering by my obvious preoccupation with food if I am pregnant again.  I am not, be assured.  I just like making and eating (especially eating) good food.  


  1. Hey, Bree, the peach cobbler looks delicious. I'm hungry again, and I just ate!

    I've been thinking about you and wondering how you're doing. Hope everything is going smoothly for you guys. xo

  2. Seriously awesome new design. LOVE it. Looks like I've got a lot to catch up on!

  3. Well I believe you, especially since everything that I've eaten with you has been "the best things I've ever tasted."

  4. I have been craving craving craving peach cobbler like mad. My mom made one for us last week that fell drastically short of expectation. I think you've inspired a second attempt.