Thursday, January 5, 2012

felt coasters

I like easy projects.
It has something to do with the fact that I don't have 
enough time or the skill set yet to accomplish
anything much more than EASY.

Which is why when I saw on Pinterest a pin for felt coasters
I was all over it.  

I followed this tutorial, from purl soho (love this blog, BTW),
and it took me about twenty minutes.

The great thing about felt projects is that there is little to no sewing
Which means you can whip something up in no time.  
Like during a certain baby's power naps that only last twenty minutes,
and that time includes the ten minutes it takes to snuggle her to slumber.

I liked these felt circles because you could use them for a number of things.

You could use them as garlands. 
But maybe not so great on cribs thanks to grabby hands
and inquisitive mouths.

Or even a mobile
if you make a few strands and hang them
at different lengths from an embroidery hook.

Yes, I took these photos while holding the strand up.  
I wasn't lazy.
I had an awake baby.
See those pleading eyes. They are either saying,
"Get me out" or
"Get in my mouth."
I'm not sure which.  Possibly both.

And, of course, they can be used for their intended purpose.
As coasters.

Learn From My Mistakes

Gold, grey and white is a great color palette.
Until you notice that the small gold on top of the larger white circle
looks like a fried egg.
But if you like fried eggs then go for it.

1 comment:

  1. I saw a woman on TV making some of these into a little quilt-decoration last night, thought of your fried egg comment,

    and laughed.

    Your sense of humor often lifts my days. Thanks. :)

    Cathy in MIssouri