Saturday, January 7, 2012

aloha hawaii

A few nights ago I booked our flights for a trip to Hawaii this spring.

I am so beyond excited, even though this will be my fourth time to Hawaii 
and the second time Leif and I have been as a couple.
I need a vacation people.  
A serious, lay around in the sun, do-nothing type of 

Leif and I love Hawaii.
We got engaged at Waimea Bay.  

We took this photo right after Leif proposed.  Who are those young kids?
That was March 2006.

I went back to visit a friend in January 2010.  

This time we are going to Maui and Kauai.  
I've never been to either island.  

On Maui I will be attending a conference for three days.
Which means that my job is paying for my plane ticket and part of our hotel.  
Yay job.  Thanks.

Of course, I upgraded my plane ticket to economy plus since I am not paying for it.  
I'm not sure what that means but it does have the word PLUS, which has to mean
something good.
Would have done first class but they don't let babies up there.

I'm really excited to take Clio to the beach.  I already bought her a bathing suit weeks ago.

Only $8.

But I kind of want to get her another one.  Something like these maybe.

Because is there anything cuter than an old-timey bathing suit on a baby?
Maybe only this,

I have no idea what these little buggers are but I'll take three, thank you very much.

The hard part is going to find myself a bathing suit that doesn't make me feel 
totally uncomfortable
in this post baby body.

I'm thinking of going with a one-piece.  


Not usually my style but, well, 
I'm not one of those lucky women
who lose a ton of weight while breastfeeding.
Nope.  Not me.

So until we go I will be daydreaming about beaches and fruity cocktails.

Anyone ever been to Maui or Kauai?
I'm looking for tips.


  1. One word for you: JEALOUS! So awesome I can hardly stand it! Love that black suit, too--and the old timey ones for Clio? STOP. IT!

    Also, I'll take those finger monkeys, please.


  2. I have only been to Oahu (my husband and I got engaged at Hanauma Bay--as I squatted in the surf, coughing from my snorkeling attempt... needless to say it was a complete shock) but I *really* want to visit Maui and Kauai. And economy plus means more leg room! Also they allow you to bring finger monkeys.

  3. I need to find a job that'll pay to send me to Hawaii. :) I've never been... so I'm just a *little* bit jealous. ;)