Thursday, October 6, 2011

sweet treat: fleur de sel cupcake

Have you ever eaten a piece of food that you love so much that on occasion you have found yourself literally dreaming about it?  This chocolate cupcake does it for me.  It is has a deep chocolate flavor but a sprinkle of sea salt and a tad bit of caramel to give it the perfect combination of sweet and salty.

I swear, since I've been breast-feeding my sweet tooth has been insatiable.  Although, my husband might say that he hasn't noticed a difference from before as I've always skewed more toward the sweet than the savory.  I think the only phrase that he has heard from my mouth more than "I love you" is probably "I need a sweet treat."

I'm curious, what foods do you find crave-worthy?  Sweet or savory?


  1. Oh. Have you ever had Biscoff spread? It's made from Biscoff cookies, a little looser than peanut butter . . . like melted graham crackers. Holy crow, I can't even buy it because I eat it right out the JAR in about two days.

    I actually walk by it in the grocery store and TELL IT that I'm not buying it. It is THAT freaking good.

  2. What is it with breastfeeding and the sweet tooth? Like you I've always favored sweets, but now it is out of control. I want cookies all day every day, and some (most) days I have at least two.

  3. I've never even heard of biscoff spread but it sounds like something I will love. I'm going to try and find it this weekend. Probably shouldn't, but I will.

    I honestly wonder if the crazy sweet tooth is our bodies trying to get us to consume more calories for making the breast milk...