Sunday, October 2, 2011

retro polynesian kitsch

So this one time I convinced my sister and brother-in-law to apply for a home make-over show called Secrets from a Stylist on HGTV.  Leif and I filmed their audition video, Leif edited it, and I submitted it.  After some interviews and home visits from the designer, Emily Henderson (She is so adorbs, btw, and I used to run in to her all the time at flea markets and such so that I started to worry a bit that she thought I was stalking her), and the show producers, they were on the show!

It turned out pretty amazing and definitely "them."  Honestly I was a bit surprised that they got picked for the show because their style is not exactly what most of the country would be into.  Lisa and David are completely unique in their home decor taste.

Anyway, the episode is called Retro Polynesian Kitsch and you can watch it here (it is about 20 minutes long).  I think it kind of looks like an upscale Chinese restaurant from the 1980s, but I mean that in a good way.  The wallpaper is my favorite part of the entire room.  It is crazy fun in person.

P.S. If you watch it, how cute are my nieces playing their little instruments at the end?  Pretty damn cute, that's how cute!


  1. I'm so excited to be reading here.. it's an entirely different side of you and I am honored to follow along!

  2. You've been added to my non-required browsing. TWO sights from the same person! Yippee!

  3. Love your writing and of course will be following along here at the new spot.

  4. i tried to find this video a few weeks ago (saw it on google+), but am not able to stream it from here. do you happen to have a file of it that you could send us? is that even possible? am i going to ask you for something in all of my post comments?