Monday, October 28, 2013

a choice hat

The other day I took Clio shopping to find her a warm hat for school.  She needed one that she could leave there for those rare winter occasions when it isn't raining and they can get some outdoor playtime.  There was a plethora of hats to choose from.  Pink, purple, sparkly, shiny, flowery ones.  Ones with bows and baby animal ears.  Sweet nubbly woolly ones.   I must have tried every single one on her head and every single one she yanked right back off with a glint of stubbornness in her big blue eyes.  Just when I thought all was lost I brought her to the boys' hats and within seconds her finger shot out to point to one hat in particular.  "That one! I want that hat," she exclaimed with utter delight.  

A green monster hat is not what I would have chosen for her but as it turns out, I think she made the right decision.  She looks adorable; green hat, crusty boogers and all.

Keep making your own choices in life Clio, my darling.  Momma thinks you are pretty amazing.


  1. Sweet story! I love her choice.... I can't wait to see her again soon.

  2. What a sweet determined little chap.