Thursday, August 8, 2013


Living a thousand miles away from family is hard.  When I moved out here I knew that living this far away from my parents, my sister and my two nieces was going to be challenging.  I was accustomed to seeing my sister and her daughters usually once or twice a month and my parents only slightly less often.  My sister and I are four and a half years apart.   Growing up that age gap meant that we essentially could not stand being around each other until I was about 19.  But since then we have been very close which was why I was so excited when she, along with her family, came up here for a visit.

Leif and I did our best to sell them on Oregon even though we know they will never move up here.  Still, it was nice to show her around and show off this amazing city.

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  1. Your pictures are lovely! Found you via the Portland Blogger list.:) And I understand about the living far away from your family...I grew up in Iowa and moved to Oregon when I met and married a West coast guy! It's a beautiful place though, but it will always be hard to be far from "home".