Sunday, July 14, 2013

sunday sweets: rice pudding and currant syrup

Sunday Sweets has taken a back seat to other activities during the weekend.  I would like to say that our diets have benefited from this but just because I haven't been making dessert as often doesn't mean we haven't been eating it.

The last dessert I made was a couple of weekends ago.  We went berry picking (yes, again) at Smith Berry Farm and came home with a combination of currants, raspberries, logan berries, and cherries (which is not a berry, I know).  The raspberries and logan berries went straight into my mouth a banana bread but what to do with the currants was kind of a head scratcher for me.

What does one usually do with currants, anyway?  I really didn't know and so I opted to make a simple syrup.  Then, of course, I was like- what does one do with currant syrup?

In my case?  But that sweet and tangy deliciousness on rice pudding.  Huzzah.

Rice pudding recipe from here.

Currant syrup recipe from here.

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