Monday, July 22, 2013

sunday sweets: mixed berry crumble

Back in Los Angeles, before Clio was born, we used to have a routine of going to the Hollywood Farmer's Market every weekend.  We would plan the menu for the week, make a list, and head out to fulfill as much of the list as possible with produce from the market.  To beat the crowds we would often get there before most of the vendors were finished setting up and so we would grab a drip coffee and eat Thai food for breakfast.  For an entire year and a half we only missed a handful of days.  Then Clio came in to our lives and all our previous routine were replaced with ones consisting of diaper changes, naps and feedings.  We were never quite able to incorporate the routine of going to the farmer's market each weekend again. 

When we moved here I figured that we would pick back up again with going to the market for our produce.  It just seemed like the Portland thing to do.  Maybe we would even ride our bikes there. But that did not happen.  In fact we never really quite got back into the routine of life we had in Los Angeles at all, which I think in many ways has been much better for us.

On Saturday, by pure chance, we happened to stumble upon a cute farmer's market in Lake Oswego while on our way to grab a coffee and pastry before going on our morning hike.  It wasn't as interesting as the one we used to go to but the location over-looking the lake could not have been more idyllic.  The produce was picture perfect and we ended up leaving with much more than a coffee and a pastry.  It made me realize how much I missed that part of our lives.  

With some of the berries we bought there (again!  stop with the berries already!) I made a quick crumble to take with us to a party later that afternoon.  I think it could have used more berries and because the marion berries I used were really sweet I should have cut down on some of the brown sugar but it was still tasty.  I would make it again, if for no other reason than it was an incredibly fast dessert to make.  It took me exactly 34 minutes from start to the time I put it in the oven, which was perfect as I had to get it done for the most important routine of cuddling Clio before nap time.

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  1. i can vouch for its deliciousness. berry nice.