Sunday, April 28, 2013

hit the beach

I knew I was finally a grown up when last weekend we headed out for a three day mini vacation with friends at a rented beach house.  When I was in my twenties I imagined life in my thirties to mainly consist of long leisurely weekends drinking wine and barbecuing with friends while all of our impeccably behaved children played in the manicured grass of our perfectly maintained home.  I am dying over here (on this side of reality) laughing at the naivete of my youth.

Finally, halfway into my thirties, I got my youthful fantasy of a long leisurely weekend hanging out with friends, drinking wine in a perfectly maintained home (not my own) with our impeccably behaved children (not so much mine).  Now I realize that life could not consist of only weekends this great because I would miss out on the gratitude that comes when something like this happens.  I feel so very fortunate to have these people in our lives.

This girl was not happy with the decision to move the party back indoors. 


  1. What a lovely weekend. With all of the ways life can brutally disappoint us, it's wonderful when sometimes our sweetest visions come true.

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  3. i needed to look at these photos at this moment. that weekend was a gift.

  4. Lovely photos! What a great weekend.