Sunday, December 9, 2012

Raggedy Lion

I was going through this here blog earlier today and realized I made a huge oversight last month.  I did not post a photo of Clio is in her Halloween costume.  Last year Clio was Blinky from PacMan.  This year she was a Raggedy Lion.

I was super pleased with the way it all turned out, which is good because I spent hours tying all that yarn together.  At first she was not thrilled about wearing the mane and would try to pull it off as soon as we tied it on her head.  We overcame that issue by making her wear it while she watched Signing Time videos.  Also why she breastfed.  I am terrible.

Next year I'm reusing that mane, getting rid of those ears and dressing her up like either Raggedy Ann or Annie.   I am terrible.  Also I am lazy.


  1. LOL at making her wear it while nursing and watching videos. That is seriously hilarious. And she looks adorable--I'm impressed by your crafty skill.

  2. Beyond awesome how you got her adjusted to the mane. Am considering following your lead to teach Owen to deal with wearing hats. She is so adorable, too, btw.

  3. Aisles full of costumes upon costumes
    and nothing to hold a candle to your
    Little Lion.

    FROST MY PUMPKIN, CLIO! You are too cute for words.

    And whatever it takes to keep you Mane-d, must needs be. :) (Because, honestly, the MANE!)



  4. this was the best. love that little lioness.

  5. Cutest little costume!