Monday, September 10, 2012

first birthday

Our little girl turned one last month.  Because her birthday was literally the day before we moved we were really only able to pull together a little celebration with our family and closet friends.  I had grand ideas for a huge birthday party and a photo booth but I quickly realized a couple of things about that idea.  The first is that it is highly unpractical to do something like that when you are living in an empty apartment and sleeping on a blow-up mattress because all of your worldly possessions have been packed and shipped away.  The second is that Clio will have no recollection of her birthday and all that is important is that we were able to spend it with people who love her.

I did manage to get my act together enough to get a cupcake for her to destroy and a cake for the rest of us to enjoy.  Clio was a little hesitant about the cupcake to start and ultimately she ended up with more of it on her face than actually in her mouth but I think she had a good time.


  1. Haha--awesome pics :) Happy Birthday Clio--can't believe it's been a year already. Hope the move was kind to you!

  2. Doll, doll, doll!

    Happy Birthday, Clio.

    I can't believe it. You are not one. You can't be.

    One doesn't come that fast. Right...