Wednesday, February 8, 2012

nap time craft; painted vases

The older Clio gets the less time she spends napping and the more time she spends exploring the world around her.  There is no better way to spend my time than watching her learn and grow- it is extraordinary.  
But less napping also means less cleaning/laundry/crafting and so I've found that the only time during the week I have to do anything is during her naps.  These days that means I have 40 minutes tops before she wakes up and wants to play.

So I'm starting something new, the Nap Time Craft.  
Little things get accomplished in little amounts of time.

I got these vases years ago from IKEA.  They have since been languishing on our wall unit; bored and boring. 

I decided to give them a make-over.

Enter acrylic paints.

Thirty minutes later...

enter baby, just in time for photos after a quick snack.

Add wax flowers (which have little leaves that smell like lemon verbena, by the way) and voila!

Nap Time Craft complete.

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