Monday, January 23, 2012

thrifty; clothes for clio

How was everyone's weekend?
Good, I hope.
Recently Leif and I stopped by a local children's consignment store
to pick up a jumper for Clio
(those things are crazy expensive, for reals).
I picked these up while we were there. 

Each one only cost $1.

Most of them are 18-24 months but I couldn't resist picking them up anyway.  
Besides, the rate at which our child is growing she'll be in these at 12 months.
She's a biggin.

Seriously, I'll never understand why children's clothes are so expensive new.
That Janie and Jack dress, the last one, is like $60 new.
Whah?  Bonkers.


  1. I absolutely adore little girls in jumpers. Almost as much as I adore resale shops. Nice choices.

  2. Hmmm . . off to google this new word 'consignment store' . . I definitely need to find the British equivalent as I spend far too much on the children's clothes when I can't afford it (not that I would ever spend $60 on a dress, ahem! well, maybe once or twice!) Well googling done, I KNOW that I would never find anything as lovely as these in a shop like this near me. I do a lot of e-baying though, that seems to work quite well even if it is not quite a bargain-ous as these treasures. I love the last two little dresses especially. But I know they will look even more lovely with the addition of . . . . Clio!

  3. I am in love with our local consignment store. I find the best clothes there for so few dollars, and I consign with them so I usually have a bit of money in my account. I don't find that nice of stuff (love that last dress!) but I have had some luck.