Thursday, January 19, 2012

sewing cabinet

So remember this cabinet that we got last week?

Of course you do.  
It was only last week.

Well, it was in really bad shape and I was deciding between
painting it or refinishing it.

See how bad it was?

I ended up doing neither the painting or the refinishing. 
I kind of just cleaned it up using
Murphy's Oil Soap
Danish Oil
Howard Feed N' Wax.

This is what it looked like after the Murphy's Oil Soap
and the Danish Oil rubdown.

After that was done I just put some of the wax on it and called it a day.

Why, what's that big red box there in the photograph?
I'm glad you asked.

It's my new Viking sewing machine.  
Recently I showed Leif some examples of the Ryan Gosling meme
that has been making the rounds.  

Like this one.

As he was carrying my new machine out from the store he said the following,

I totally do.  I totally do.

After all the spiffing and shining was done I 
relocated all my sewing materials to their new home.

Here she is in all her faded, but not as faded glory.

Learn From My Mistakes

Do not use all these products indoors.
It was crazy stinky in our house for hours and hours.


  1. Look at those neat-and-tidy, oh-so-organized sewing materials! (Swoooon!)

    And that rich, shiny-clean cabinet!

    And the handy "Learn From My Mistakes" segment!

    Best Of All, the New Sewing Machine AND Ryan/Leif Hallmark Moments...!

    A sunny day just got sunnier. I think I'll go listen to Bob Dylan. The early years.

    Boy, I love you.

    Cathy in Missouri

    P.S. How does a person go about begging for more pictures of one super cute baby you may be snuggling right now? What is a post without a Clio? :)

  2. I can absolutely hear Leif saying that to you. And nice sewing machine!! Can you make something for Clio's future man if he arrives? :)

  3. Cathy- You are too funny. I tried to put Clio in one of the drawers to include her in the post but she is just too big now. I guess this means that she has to stop wearing her "I sleep in a drawer" onsie.

    Josh- I'm so already on that.

  4. Brianna, I love this post. You're the one with Mad Skills, my friend...

  5. Melissa, welcome! You figured out the commenting. Love you friend!