Sunday, December 18, 2011

four months

Clio turned 4 months old last week.

She has two bottom teeth.
She can roll from her back to her tummy, but only to the right.  
Just like this guy.

She likes to fake cough, blow raspberries, and shriek like a banshee.
She loves to fly in the air like a plane and spend time on her tummy.

Her favorite toys are, in the following order;
My Hair
My Boobs
My Glasses

Sleeping is a favorite pastime of hers.  
She sleeps ten to eleven hours a night and likes to nap a couple of times during the day too.

Almost all her dark, dark hair fell out
but it is growing back in strawberry blond.  
That's the Irish Finley in her.

She is still learning how to really laugh a deep belly giggle 
and not the cute half-giggle thing she's been doing for weeks.  
I've only seen her do it twice.  
It is the most awesome thing I've ever seen.

It is crazy how in just four months our girl went from this tiny little thing in the hospital 

to this inquisitive, drooling, boogery, ball of energy.

She is so very, very loved.

Edited to add so I never forget...

at four months:
weight: 13 pounds 14 ounces
length: 25 inches

at birth:
weight: 8 pounds 4 ounces
length: 21 1/2 inches


  1. Oh My GOODNESS, you little darling LOVE of a baby!!!!

    That couch thing! How did you do it?

    And the last picture: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Clio. How are your Mommy and Daddy supposed to get a single thing done when you are in the house? I mean, who could even brush their teeth, when there you are, looking like THAT??!

    Four months. Where does the time go?

    Admiring from here,

    Cathy in Missouri

    P.S. Every time I see a picture of Clio, I want to see George. I want to see them together. I am very sure you know the feeling.

  2. Amazing. AMAZING! She's awesome, and so are you!

  3. Pretty awesome this one. Her eyes are stunning.

    I remember Stella fake coughing too. Perfect.

  4. that is the most adorable gif ever

  5. Thanks everyone. We think she's pretty amazing too:)

  6. She is SO precious! I love the moving couch photograph but that last one is really an amazing shot.

    My husband's family are Irish and my nephew did exactly the same as Clio! He had dark, dark hair at birth. This fell out and he is now platinum blond!

    And I LOVE when babies learn to fake cough, the first sign of cunning!

    Beautiful girl, you are so beloved. And you have a very cute owl toy too!