Wednesday, December 14, 2011

canon T2i video


Bay Islands, Honduras from leif on Vimeo.

Copán Ruinas from leif on Vimeo.

Bakersfield Strays from leif on Vimeo.

Brooke asked on my last post asked about specific camera recommendations.  We use the Canon T21 and the main reason we bought it was so that we could take high-def videos.  
These are all videos Leif shot on our camera and then edited himself.  
He's pretty awesome,  my husband.
So is our camera.  I highly recommend it as a mid-range digital SLR.  

Also...kittens are super adorable.  I want one with a round tummy to scratch right now!

**That first one in the Poppy Fields Leif made just three weeks after George died.  It is weird to watch that now.   I look at it and see how sad we were while trying to fake being happy.  So sad but still really beautiful.


  1. Thank you! My husband has been leaning toward a Canon, so I'm glad to hear you like yours. Now I want a new camera AND a kitten.

  2. My 11-year-old autistic son watched these videos with me. He and I agree:

    1. Leif should make movies full time so that we can watch them.

    2. We have two cats, but we need more kittens!

    3. Your taste in music is awesome.

    4. The ants, the ladybug, and the butterfly opening and closing its wings were magnificent.

    5. When are we leaving for Honduras?

    And a few of my own:

    1. I'm sure it's because you told me that the Poppy Fields was shot three weeks after George died, but it seems like I can see him there, the loss of him, in your eyes. They are smiling but not smiling. Makes my heart ache. How much more yours.

    2. While Leif makes movies full-time, you can write (screenplays?) full time. There. Now you can both quit your day jobs...assuming you want to. :)

    3. If you want a vacation home in Missouri, you are welcome any time. I am not a native Missourian, having lived all over the world (but mainly, when in the US, in Colorado) - but I know why Laura Ingalls Wilder wanted to settle an hour from here once she saw the landscape. I hope we never move.

    Do you have kitties at your house? Or do you have to settle for loving on the strays?

    Happier this morning because of these videos,

    Cathy in Missouri

  3. each one is beautiful. leif is a talented human.

  4. Cathy- Glad you and your son liked them! All credit for these, including music choice, goes to Leif. Like Natalie said, he is one talented human. He actually makes commercials (and graphics) for a living so he is fortunate that he is doing what he loves. But I would gladly quit my day job to write if someone would pay me enough to cover my student loans each month.

    Any takers? Any one? Bueller? Bueller?

    Also...we have no kittehs. I'm allergic, sadly. These were just some little strays at my parents' house that my dad tamed so they could find them good homes. Happy to report they all found nice humans to live with.