Saturday, November 19, 2011

Things that make me happy; the weekend edition

Finishing three pairs of pants for Clio (mom did all the hard work).

A dramatic sky over Pasadena City Hall.

Wrapping up Clio in warm clothes.

Spending the afternoon with friends and relaxing on their awesome couch.

Watching their adorable daughter walk around in her dad's shoes.

Having a good friend hold a sleeping Clio.

Scouting out a possible location for our family photo, which will go out with the holiday card this year (gotta get going on this).

Packing Clio's clothes for a trip to visit Leif's family in the chilly Pacific Northwest and going overboard.

Picking out an outfit for Thanksgiving dinner that includes pink tights.

 Taking photographs of these two while the weather outside looked like this...

A rainy day in Los Angeles.

Finally settling on a fabric for Clio's crib skirt.  Bright pink faux bois.

 Cousins together, none of whom were too happy to sit for a portrait.

Trying on a winter coat for our visit up north.

Which was a wee bit too big.

My beautiful sister holding my beautiful daughter.


  1. Like. :)

    Love the picture of Leif and C!

  2. This makes me happy, too. Clio makes me happiest of all. Is that unfair to everyone else?

    She just does. Sweet girl, darling girl.

    Cathy in Missouri