Friday, October 28, 2011

how to make a costume when you have little skill or how I made clio a nerd for halloween

I'm a child of the eighties (umm...very early eighties....ok....late seventies), which means I have a soft spot in my heart for Hypercolor t-shirts, z. cavaricci pants, Milli Vanilli, and arcade games.  I was inspired by one particular iconic 80s arcade game to make Clio a simple little Halloween outfit.  The problem was that I didn't particularly have the time or the skill to make it exactly the way I had imagined in my head.  Still, it was a very simple project that turned out pretty cute and it only cost me two dollars.  Seriously.

Felt squares were four for one dollar.

 I quickly traced out the shape I wanted onto the felt and cut it out.

Upon returning home from the fabric store I realized that I should have purchased blue felt instead of black but it wasn't anything a little blue acrylic paint couldn't fix.

This was the point in this project when I started running out of time to finish (stupid real job, sucking up my crafting time) so out came the glue gun.
Eek!  Setting sun!  Hurry up!  

So I ended up skipping the sewing machine all together.

 Pulled out a one dollar white onsie from a childrens' used clothing store and glued that sucker on.

Lastly I captured this adorable little wiggle worm and wrangled her into it.


And that is how I made Clio a nerd.  By dressing her up as Blinky from Pacman.


  1. Clio makes one seriously cute nerd!

  2. If you weren't so likeable, I might have to be ripped off that you are also very creative. You might think you aren't, but then you would meet me, and you would decide that you are pretty much amazing.

    I love words, I love ideas, I love philosophy, I love meaning, I love art (looking at it).


    I am a rotten cook, I don't know how to sew (or anything close to it), and the day I make a costume for anyone, out of will know that it wasn't me.

    Which is one of many reasons why I love seeing what you're up to. :)

    Clio! YOU DARLING!!!!!!!! You darling, darling, darling, darling girl. No wonder your Mommy and Daddy love you to bits!

    Whatever you may think of your creations, keep them coming,

    Cathy in Missouri

  3. cool idea and a cutie pie blinky. she is one beautiful baby! please, please make a big felt pacman to chase her around in photos. if not this weekend, then before she grows out of that onesie (next week).

  4. You are so creative ! And Clio is absolutely adorable.