Thursday, October 13, 2011

come on autumn

Holy Cow.  Is it really the middle of October already?  It's still a million degrees here at the moment.  No, really, I mean like a million degrees and the only thing that helps is airconditioning and a frozen yogurt from Ikea.

I want autumn to get here already.  I'm ready for thick nubly sweaters, warm boots and apple cider.

Also, I want to live here.  Do places like this really exist?


  1. I don't know if such places do exist but, should I ever stumble upon a home as beautiful as this one, I know I would long to live there too!

    Want to send some of your million degrees to chilly England?!

  2. We recently moved back down South from the lovely state of Idaho. And yes places like that do exist. I miss the mountains and the changing leaves. It is almost 90 degrees where I am at.
    But this weekend I am going to light my Fall candles, bake some pumpkin pie muffins and have some fun carving a pumpkin with my kids. Maybe just maybe I can start to feel Fall, if I close my eyes hard enough and keep the aircondition on 60.

  3. Catherine- I would gladly trade some of our warm weather for your chilly weather:)

    Paula- Good idea. I'll make it feel like fall even if I am roasting in my apartment. Maybe some pumpkin carving is in order this weekend.

  4. Oh yes, places like that do exist. I live near many of them here in the Northeast. But here's the thing: soon that beautiful, idyllic autumn scene becomes the long, brutal, dark of snowy, icy winter. Which has its merits some days, but come February, all we want is some sunshine :)

    I hope it's cooled off a bit for you! RIght now it's chilly and sunny over on this coast--a perfect day for picking pumpkins!