Thursday, September 29, 2011

seeing the sights

Two things I found in my neighborhood while on my walk with Clio yesterday.

A very odd placement for a toilet. Who wouldn't want to poo under the beauty of blooming bougainvillea?  Aside from the most heinously large thorns it may seem pretty idyllic.

A humungous crimson RV with a most legit albino tiger airbrushed on the back.  You know what is great about this RV?  All the totally awesome family vacations that the owners of this thing make their children go on.  I hope you all know by "awesome" I mean like, the kind of awesome that is driving cross-country to see Mt. Rushmore with your parents awesome.  As in Not Awesome.

On the other hand, these could totally be the people who drive cross-country to see their favorite 80's power ballad cover band play.  A little "Is this love?" by Whitesnake anyone?

Either way, anyone who owns an RV like this is someone I would like to meet.

I really wanted to share the sights with Clio but she was much more concerned with her dreams about her two most favorite things in the world.  Her pacifier and my boobs.

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